17 Jun
House of Hades (Season 3) Taleeko

House of Hades Realm
Releases June 20th @ 3 PM EST

Here is a list of the changes made from the previous map of our latest Factions Realm, House of Hades.
ADDED: Due to popular request, we have added Faction Chest Logs using /f chestlog!
View attachment 23
ADDED: Sell-all permission given to default!
ADDED: /f claimfill - Will need 4 sides to the area which all 4 sides must be claimed by your faction, then proceed to execute /f claimfill which will then fill in all unclaimed chunks inside of this area.
FIXED: Players could pull other territories blocks from wilderness using Sticky Pistons.
CHANGED: Fly Boost will now Kick automatically when used at a high speed setting. Fly Boost will be auto banned by the anticheat aswell...
03 Jun
House of Hades (Season 2) Taleeko

House of Hades Realm
Releases June 6th @ 3 PM EST

Here is a list of the changes made from the previous map of our latest Factions Realm, House of Hades.
ADDED: /ce list back to view all enchantments.
ADDED: Added 9x9 Trench Pickaxe obtainable only from Crates (7x7 from Store/In-Game).
ADDED: /tokens pay <player> <amount>.
ADDED: Faction Tag and Role Prefix back into chat.
ADDED: Can no longer place Sugarcane on Sugarcane.
ADDED: Faction Sandbot to /tokenshop & /soulshop!
ADDED: Combat Logger anytime a user logs out right after combat tag expires. Will be set to stay for 10 seconds unless hit the timer will restart.
FIXED: Kills and Deaths will now track properly.
FIXED: Token Hunter not applying the proper multiplier based on upgraded level.
FIXED: Inferno saying Blizzard from previous map.
FIXED: Harvester Hoe's not calculating Green Thumb & Token Hunter if you have AutoSell.
FIXED: Bard Class when any armor piece breaks you will...
25 Mar
House of Hades (Season 1) Taleeko

House of Hades Realm
Releases May 23rd @ 3 PM EST
Factions Top

Each faction will be required to set a paypal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week.
The map will last 1 week which includes a 3 day grace period. There will be 1 payout.

Weekly Payout (End of Map): $350
F-Top 1: $175 PayPal - $50 Credit
F-Top 2: $50 PayPal - $25 Credit
[IMG width="17px"...
21 Mar
Avalon Realm - That's a Wrap! Taleeko
View attachment 12


Hey everyone! Thanks for an interesting map here on Dominion. Yes, it was very rough and we have a lot to learn and work from, but all in all a great learning experience. We will be taking the week or so to rethink how our team operates and improve in every possible way. I thank you all so much for this experience and we will be back with a bang very soon. We have a lot in the works and hope to be able to showcase some of it very soon!

F-Top 1: Area51 ($16,100,200,000)
F-Top 2: Ambitious ($6,757,875,000)
F-Top 3: Zeta ($4,350,500,000)
Here is to the future everyone, you're our community and we hear you.
- DominionMC Staff
15 Mar
Avalon Realm - Moving Forward Taleeko
Dominion Moving Forward

Hey everyone,

I just want to address what happened today, and our plan moving forward. When it was time to enable TNT we discovered some lag on the realm, we looked into it and found the cause to be multiple things which took a little bit to debug and get fixed, but all in all the server is running great now and we have implemented new optimizations and removed a lot of issue causing features from our plugins, this will not be a noticeable change to gameplay features but more on the performance side of things. Our team is working hard and learning from all of our mistakes and how we can improve, we're still in our very early stages of Dominion and have big plans for our future. We look forward to continue to improve and optimize every aspect of the realm, as we have the last few days. Thank you all so much for allowing us the opportunity this map to show you how we have progressed, yet is has been a bumpy ride we are here and we listen. There have been a fair share of issues but we make sure to try to resolve them quickly, and most of them are experimenting with what works for us. We will be taking a 1-2 week period after this map to continue to improve and make changes + new additions to the server such as essence shops, new tools, more events and staff interactions. With that being said, we will be...

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