Avalon Map 4 - Release Info

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Factions Avalon Realm
Releases March 28th @ 3 PM EST
Factions Top

Each faction will be required to set a paypal using /f setpaypal <email>. This is used to automatically pay out the top factions each week.
The map will last 2 weeks which includes a 1 week grace period. There will be 1 payout.

Week 1 Payout (End of Map): $475
F-Top 1: $200 PayPal - $75 Credit
F-Top 2: $75 PayPal - $50 Credit
F-Top 3: $50 PayPal - $25 Credit

Factions Information

Here you will find the limitations we have set for our factions. Speeds and Limits are strictly enforced to provide fair and clean gameplay. If you find someone breaking any of these limits or rules please make sure to report them using /report in-game!
Players per faction: 25
Power per player: 150
Buffer limit: 25 Chunks
Cannon Speed: 3 Seconds
Allies: Disabled
Truces: Disabled
Economy will be heavily based around Sugar Cane & Spawners.

General Information

We will be having a total of four worlds, with a total of sixteen corners.
Note: A faction can only have one corner claimed at any given time.

Main World: 5,000 x 5,000 Border
Blizzard: 2,500 x 2,500 Border
Nether: 2,500 x 2,500 Border
End: 2,500 x 2,500 Border
The Abyss: Grind/Event World

We will be having a 1 week grace period. The grace period will mean the following things:
Any form of explosions are disabled.
Gen Buckets will work when enemy players are near.
Mining Spawners will not cost money during this period.
"Bitch Claims" will be removed off of corners and corners only.

During the 1st hour of the map, we will be disabling a few things to make sure the release goes as smooth as possible.
Flying will be completely disabled.
/wild will be disabled.
Outpost will be disabled.
Everyone will be invisible at the spawn point.

The economy will be heavily based around Sugar Cane & Spawners.
We will be featuring our Custom Enchanted Harvester Hoes.
Harvester Hoes can be enchanted by using /upgrade when held.

Our Team

Just some notes relating to our Staff Team and their ability to help the community with any situation that may arise. I saw a lot of issues last map regarding how our staff team was limited and the demand for support so we have gone through and made some changes for the better. We have looked over what our staff had access to on the previous map and what players needed most, our players deserve better support and in a timely manner. With that in mind our team has disallowed any staff to participate in competitive play during our maps. Our Staff have also been equipped with the ability to assist in every way possible. Helpers are going to be there to keep chat clean and redirect issues to the respective roles needed depending on the issue. Mods are now all fully Screenshare Verified, so if you suspect someone of cheating give them a good report with /report and I am sure one of our online staff members will check it out. Senior Mods and Administrators have also had a big change for their roles in-game aswell as forums so hopefully with all of this our players will be helped quickly and properly.

Dominion Server Rules

We have taken some time to entirely re-evaluate our punishment system and rules, in doing so please ensure you as a player are up to date and understand all of our new and improved rules. By connecting to our server you automatically agree to all of the rules here on Dominion.

Discord/Forums Changes

We are now officially rolling out the use of our forums, with that being said all Staff Applications & Ban Appeals will be completed here on our forums with a new easy to fill use question and answer system.

Thank you all so much, until next time!
- DominionMC Staff
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