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Factions Strike System
Faction Strikes can be viewed with /f strike in game.
These strikes will be reset each map.

Warning Strike - This is a warning...
Strike 1 - 15% FTOP Value Removal & 6h Raid Ban
Strike 2 - 30% FTOP Value Removal & 12h Raid Ban
Strike 3 - 50% FTOP Value Removal & 24h Raid Ban
Strike 4 - 75% FTOP Value Removal & 48h Raid Ban
Strike 5 - Faction Disband & All Value Removed (Including Spawners and Balances)

Faction Ban Limit
Players that are banned from rule infringements of any kind will count towards Faction bans.
This will also apply to temporary bans! If a player purchases an unban, this will not reset the faction ban and if that player is banned again then that will add another ban towards the faction limit.

6 Bans - 1 Strike
8 Bans - 2 Strikes
10 Bans - 4 Strikes
12+ Bans - Disqualification and Disband

If you're given a raid ban during grace, the ban will start when grace ends and TNT is enabled.

Senior Staff (Sr Mod+) have full discretion when enforcing the rules case by case. In short this means if a rule isn’t stated, or if the Senior staff member feels players are attempting to bypass or exploit obvious rules that aren’t stated on the document below, they can issue any punishment they deem appropriate for the offence. This applies to the whole document.

  • Exploitation/Duping
    • Users may not exploit the economy or partake in duping. This is also extended to harbouring information about a glitch. If a faction is caught participating in it as a group, They’re subject to be disqualified.

  • Allying/Teaming
    • You may not team or ally with another faction while in pvp or during a raid at any time.
    • If found teaming or allying during a raid or in pvp, a verbal warning will be given and a strike may be issued.

  • Hiding Value
    • All F-Top Value must be placed within 1 claimed base.
    • Hiding of any value is not allowed at anytime. This includes hiding potential value in your balance or /f vault.
    • You must place all F-Top value within 4 hours of receiving it.

  • Switching in-between Counter Cannons
    • Factions must wait 5 minutes when switching from using one counter cannon to another. (on one specific cannon box) This includes your buffer counters or any side counters you may have.

  • Members Cheating
    • Regardless if you're recruit or leader, after a certain amount of faction bans your faction will receive a strike.
      • 6 Bans- 1 Strike
        8 Bans - 2 Strikes
        10 Bans - 4 Strikes
        12+ Bans - Disqualification and Disband

  • Corner Claims
    • A faction may only have a single corner claimed at any given time.
    • Selling corners for real life currency is not allowed.

  • Base Requirements
    • All bases must be accessible by enemy factions. This means enemy factions can either pearl or swim up your base.
    • You may not have more than one chunk in between your base or any defence.
    • You may not have more than a 10x10 chunk base, and you may not have your outermost claim closer than 25 chunks to another faction's outermost claim.
    • To qualify for pay-out you must have at least 15 chunks of walls.
    • You are only permitted to have oceans on your base, not raid claims. This ocean can only be 1 chunk (16 blocks) long.

  • Exceeding Buffer Limit
    • The maximum buffer size is 20 chunks. A verbal warning will be given and the faction will have 6 hours to fix the claims. If there is failure to comply, the claims will be forcefully removed and a strike will be issued.
    • The buffer claim size starts from your first wall / defence closest to your main box.

  • Cannon Defences
    • You are only allowed a maximum of 20 walls, not including the main cannon box wall, on each side of a cannon box.
    • Anything that requires an additional shot to breach a box (Trap Wall) will count as a wall. Therefore if you have 19 walls with an additional 3 trap walls you will be exceeding the max amount of walls.
    • Anyone caught breaking this rule will be given a verbal warning to remove the extra walls. Failure to do so will result in the walls being forcefully removed and a strike will be issued.
    • If a base is raided by an illegal cannon box with too many walls, the defending faction will receive a rollback.

  • Faction Claim Gap
    • A 25 chunk claim gap must exist between two faction bases’ walls.

  • Bitch Claiming
    • Bitch claiming is not allowed during the first week of the map, this time frame is called Grace Period, these claims will be removed. However raid claims are allowed once a faction claims a 20 chunk buffer. The faction found to own the claims will be issued a strike.

  • AFKing Walls
    • You may not AFK outside of your base/cannon or on walls at any time.
    • AFKing outside of an Enemy faction to prohibit their ability to fly or mine spawners is not allowed.
    • AFK Selling / Farming / Mining / F11 glitch is not allowed.
    • If anyone is caught afking on their walls they will be teleported to spawn, if the player returns and continues they will receive a 1 day ban.

  • Spawner Raid Prevention
    • Covering spawners with any block is not allowed. Any player who does this will receive a 1 day ban.
    • Destroying your spawners in any way other than mining is not allowed.
    • This will result in a 1 day ban for the player that destroys the spawners.
    • Spawners may not be scattered one by one across the ceiling of the base. (This makes it extremely difficult to raid.)
    • Blocking off your spawners will result in a verbal warning. If the surrounding blocks are not removed within 6 hours, they will be forcefully removed and a strike will be issued. This does not include spawner boxes, which a faction may only have 4.
    • If a raid is delayed or lost due to spawners being blocked off, the defending faction will be issued a strike and the raiding faction will be given the illegal spawners.
    • Spawners must be placed in pillars. You must have 5 un-stacked spawners per pillar before creating a new pillar.
    • The surrounding blocks around spawner boxes must have at least 5 blocks in each direction of the spawner, excluding the roof.

  • Printer/Gen Patching
    • The use of printer to patch during a raid will not be tolerated.
    • Using gen buckets to patch a breach or broken walls during a raid is not allowed.
    • You must wait 15 Minutes after the raiders have stopped shooting or when a raid is deemed over before the use of printer or gen buckets is allowed in this area. Please navigate to the "Cannon Rules" for a detailed explanation on when a raid is deemed over.
    • The players found to be using gen-buckets/printer to patch will receive a 1 day ban.

  • Merging Factions
    • Merging with another faction is not allowed if either of them are on F-Top Page #1 or it will place either of them on F-Top Page #1, the factions value will be removed and a strike will be issued.

  • Unraidable Bases
    • All defences must be able to be destroyed by a cannon. You may not have any foreign defences such as enchantment tables, anvils, carpets, chests, trapped chests, fences, fence gates, cobwebs, cobblestone walls, etc. You may not have defences within your base box, this does not include watering boxes with loot or spawners inside of them.
    • Finnster walls are allowed, however you may only have 20 per side.
    • The faction will be given a verbal warning and will have 6 hours to make the necessary changes to their base. If the faction fails to do so, a strike will be issued, and the player that created the illegal defence will receive a 1 day ban.

  • Giving Factions Wealth
    • You may not give another faction more than $5,000,000 in total value, or give them enough value to be placed on F-Top Page #1.
    • You may not supply other factions with TNT of any amount.
    • This includes giving buycraft codes or items from faction bundles.
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  • Shield Abuse
    • You may not activate a shield while a faction is raiding or attempting to raid you. If you do this, and a raid is ruined or delayed, the shielded faction will be issued a strike.

  • Wilderness Patching
    • Placing blocks outside of your claims to stop or alter the outcome of a raid is not allowed.

  • Illegal Cannons
    • Any cannon deemed to be illegal by an admin, e.g. 3 second cannons/roof cannons will result in the defending faction being rolled back and the offending faction being striked.

  • Alternate Factions
    • You may not have any alt factions of any kind. This includes wilderness accounts to bypass any restrictions you may have as a faction or individual. This includes but is not limited to using these alts to AFK farms / spawners, storing TNT/value in f vault and bypassing faction roster limit.

  • Faction Roster Bypass/Abuse
    • If a faction is caught attempting to bypass the f roster limit or resetting the players in their roster. The faction will be disbanded permanently and disqualified from FTOP pay-out.

  • Raiding Notifications
    • Raid notifications are strictly prohibited this includes but is not limited to:
      • Any type of bot, alt or wall detector plugin that alerts a player that their wall has been broken
      • Redstone on top of sand walls (e.g redstone, repeaters, redstone lamps etc)
If a faction is caught using raiding notifications they will receive 1 faction strike. If they are building a illegal redstone check wall during grace period, then the faction will be warned to remove it. Failure to remove the device will result in a faction strike.

  • Buffer counter cannon limits
    • A faction may only have 2 buffer counters per side of your base.
    • This means if you have a corner, both sides combined you can have 4 buffer counters total.

If a faction is caught with more than 2 buffer counters per side, they will receive a verbal warning to remove the illegal cannons. If the cannon is not removed a administrator will forcefully remove the illegal cannons and a strike will be issued. If a faction has more than 2 buffer counters on a side of their base and they successful counter a box a strike will be issued and any boxes countered will be rolled back.
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